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"Cleanse Your Shadow" Download Today! 

This is an Ancient Shamanic Technique that was passed down to us from the Ancient Toltec People. They were the Masters of the Dream State and of the Shadow. 

We discuss the process of "Cleansing Your Shadow" in detail. It's time for humanity to perform this "Sacred Breathing Exercise" to bring balance and harmony back to our lives and our world. Tune in to learn more! 

Tune in to the latest Interview with Trenayce & Steve Harper of the PBN Network

In this Interview, Trenayce "reads" Steve's energy and he is Amazed at how accurate she is!

Doors of Light gives us a unique perspective into the "Spiritual Awakening" that is currently taking place in our world today, and offers insight into some of the signs and symptoms you will experience as you begin your own personal Awakening. It reminds us of our capacity to create and to manifest the life of our dreams, while growing stronger in the face of our challenges. This dynamic book shows you how to create a life of Peace, Joy, Wisdom, Good Health, and Abundance in every form. To remain steadfast in spite of what "appears" to be, because you have the power to change any situation or circumstance into a more desirable one. You are encouraged to free yourself from negativity, fear, and the belief in separation, to look into the illusion of the physical world to better understand how it is manifested through the power of focused thought. This knowledge affirms that we hold power over our manifestations and reminds us of the need to become deliberate creators in our lives. We are inspired to reconnect to Source Energy through meditation, in order to Awaken the dormant spiritual abilities that we possess and as we are shown how to raise our vibration, it will give us the ability to access the Supreme Wisdom that lies within us. This powerful intuition can be used to assist us in our everyday lives. Doors of Light will transform your life, if the lessons are understood, applied, and put into practice. Look forward to being inspired and empowered by the thought provoking wisdom of Spirit.

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"If you are looking to start your spiritual journey, or if you've been on a spiritual journey and you're ready to take it to the next level, this book is a must. Doors of Light found me when I needed it the most."

Veronica G.

"Reading this book was so uplifting, enlightening and inspirational that it encourages you to pursue another side of yourself that you may not know even existed!"

Fatimah S.

 "This book, I would recommend to anyone, who is on a path of self discovery and Awakening. "Doors of Light" is a true beacon of guidance and a much needed source for those on the path. Ase."

Ehwazz R.

What our Listeners are saying

This Podcast and the book "Doors of Light" has Absolutely 

Changed my life!!

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Awaken The Healing ~ Reclaim Your Life, focuses on inspiring and motivating you to take positive action to change the world by transforming your life first. It is possible to live your dreams and to attain all that you desire. When you follow your joy, you can then go after your dreams. The ability to manifest your dreams can only be accessed through the power of JOY. When you are happy, you are powerful and able to heal yourself mentally, spiritually, and physically. You will then begin to create all that you desire, but first you must manifest balance in your life. Find balance and you will create peace. When you have peace, you will be inspired. Your inspiration will encourage you to follow your bliss and when you follow your bliss, you will plug into your passion! It will then become clear to you why you chose this time to be on the planet. 

You have something GREAT to do!

When you find your life mission, you will be passionate about it. It will give you life! You will have more energy and become more vibrant. You will begin to turn back the "hands of time" and stop aging. I want to help you find your passion, because it is through living your passion that your life will be transformed. When your life begins to change, it will be reflected in the world around you. 

JOIN ME as we travel on the path to our Awakening!

Important and Timeless Links 

(The links below are provided for your convenience and relate to different episodes on our Podcast)

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To Register for a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL OF SCALAR LIGHT go here: FREE30DAYS!

This Technology will Transform Your Life!

Tune in to find out more!


for Full Interview with Sound

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This is a MUST SEE VIDEO!!!  Prepare Yourself for a SHOCK. This is a Documentary created by Janet Ossebaard. This is Not for Children: Do Your Own Research.

Watch this Very Controversial Interview for Yourself!

Reconnect to the Earth

The Earthing Movie

You NEED to See This!

Reclaim Your Connection to the Planet to Increase Your LIGHT and to Heal Yourself!

The Answers to your health issues could be right under your feet, literally!!

This information is a MUST SEE for Everyone!

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"You are a Powerful Being of Light and

you must remember that.

It's time for you to do what you came here to do.

It's time to Awaken!"

~ Trenayce

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