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Awaken Products

Our Products are Handmade with Love! 

Our Ingredients are 100% Nut & Seed Butters & Oils Vegan and Completely All Natural ~ Guaranteed!

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The Awaken Product Line

Our products have absolutely NO artificial anything! No chemicals, no fillers, no alcohol, no water or cheap fatty vegetable oils to stretch the product. They are never heated and poured, thereby retaining all valuable healing ingredients. We use all organic ingredients when possible and the highest quality seed oils and nut butters that we can find on the International Market. There are no additives or preservatives, everything is in its natural state. We have not added any colors, fragrances, or unnatural cheap ingredients. We do not offer products with added fragrances. We formulated these products so that the most sensitive skin would be able to use them.

Because the market has grown with more and more companies jumping on the "Natural" bandwagon, we have become as vigilant as ever about bringing you a truly unique, 

"High Quality All Natural Product".

More and more you will see products that claim to be "Natural", but we encourage you to read your labels. You will find that there are not many products that are ALL natural. Natural can be very expensive and the bottom line for most companies is profit, at the expense of your health. Not here at Awaken, we have gone to great lengths to bring you a truly wonderful product line that will not only bring you the results that you're looking for, but you will be happy to know that they are assisting in the healing of your overall health, including your hair and skin. The benefits are too great to write out completely, but we have added some of them below. Please take the time to read over them and our entire site, there is much information here. We want you to be an educated consumer, so we have taken the time to describe all of our ingredients and products, to allow you to make an educated choice. We believe once you know the facts it won't be hard to choose Awaken as your new body and hair care line.



Tamanu Oil (from Madagascar)

This oil comes from the nuts of the Calophyllum Tree, found in the Pacific and Asian Tropical Region. The oil smells like butter pecan ice cream. The reason that this oil is costly is because It takes 100 kilos of fruit, the amount 1 tree produces annually, to yield 5 kilos of cold pressed oil. The Natives believe that the Tamanu tree is sacred and that the gods hide in it's branches. Effects: Soothes skin, helps relieve irritations (sun burns, inflammation and rashes). Helps to regenerate skin cells and hydrates the skin. Strong anti-inflammatory, good for rheumatism, eczema, and other inflammatory skin conditions. Helps heal cuts and wounds while acting as a germicide. Good for dry skin and lips. It has pain relieving properties (analgesic). It protects from the hot sun and winds. Reduces body odor. Tamanu oil fades stretch marks and scars with incredible results!

Shea Oil (Africa)

This oil is derived from the pressing of the butter, a liquid fraction appears that is the Shea Oil. Used for centuries to protect and regenerate the skin. Is good for fine lines and wrinkles. Penetrates deep into the skin rejuvenating damaged cells and restoring elasticity and tone. Naturally hypo-allergenic and safe for sensitive skin. It is extremely high in vitamins A, E, and F (a fatty acid good for dull hair, hair growth, skin repair and healing). This oil has the same healing qualities as the butter. It will not clog pores or block hair shafts. It will protect the hair from sun damage, dryness, perms and dyes. Use it to protect the hair from chlorine and sea salt. Has the same wonderful effects on dry skin, wrinkles, arthritis and rheumatism, stretch marks, and aging. And the list goes on...

Coconut Oil (from the Philippines/Tropics)

Coconut oil is an oil that is full of antioxidants and one that has been used by people in tropical places for hundreds of years to condition and maintain healthy skin and hair. For the hair: This oil has the ability to prevent protein loss and reduce hair porosity, making it invaluable for chemically treated hair, the use of heat, and color treatments. Coconut oil is a very unique and versatile oil. It has a low molecular weight and helps to seal the hair, it complements this sealing capacity with a strong affinity for hair proteins not found in other hair oils. This sealing helps to block out water from the environment. Coconut oil increases the integrity of the hair, thereby making it stronger. For the skin: It prevents dryness, delays wrinkles and sagging of the skin, relieves psoriasis and eczema, does not clog the pores like mineral oils. If used directly on the scalp it will keep it free of dandruff, lice, and lice eggs even if the skin is dry. These are just a few of the benefits of coconut oil, the benefits of taking this oil internally are just amazing! There's so much more...

Meadowfoam Seed Oil (U.S. and Canada)

This oil comes from the Meadowfoam plant, it is native to northern California, southern Oregon, Vancouver Island, and British Columbia. This oil has amazing moisturizing and rejuvenating capabilities. It provides a moisture barrier, prevents drying of skin and hair. This will add shine to the hair while retaining moisture and will remedy dry or damaged hair. Works wonders on cracked lips and skin. It leaves a smooth, non greasy feel to the skin and hair.

Avocado Oil (Mexico)

This oil is rich in vitamins A,B1, B2 Panthothenic acid, Vitamin D, E, Protein, Lecithin, Potassium, unsaturated fatty acids, and more. It is a very good penetrating nutrient for dry skin and hair. It has many healing and regenerating qualities. Avocado oil helps prevent free radical damage. It helps to soften the skin and has superior moisturizing effects. It regenerates and rejuvenates the skin and hair. It straightens and softens hair. Studies show that Avacado oil significantly increases the amount of collagen in the skin (which normally is under attack as we grow older). It is easily absorbed into the deep tissues of the skin, and this wonderful emollient rich oil makes it good for mature skin. It helps relieve itching from dryness caused by eczema and psoriasis. Works wonders with sun damaged skin or any climate that causes dryness. It reduces age spots and helps to heal scars.

Hazelnut Oil (Spain)

This oil is a wonderful light, penetrating oil that is slightly astringent making it a good oil for acne prone skin. It is high in essential fatty acids and is soothing and healing to dry irritated skin. Studies have shown that it filters sun rays. It adds a very smooth feel to the skin.

Kukui Nut Oil (from Hawaii) Means "Enlightenment" in Hawaiian

This is the heart of our line of products. This oil was prized by Hawaiian Royalty and they would be massaged with it for more than 7 hours a day! It was also traditionally used to anoint babies skin to protect them from the sun, salt, and other elements. It contains vitamins A,C, and E (Natural Antioxidants) protecting the skin and hair from becoming dry and damaged. It is high in linoleic and linolenic acids, which are essential fatty acids (that the body cannot produce) for the metabolism of healthy skin. This oil protects the skin from aging. It easily penetrates into the deepest layers of the skin, leaving a protective shield locking in moisture. Great for sensitive skin. Kukui is a fabulous moisturizer that leaves the skin feeling silky and smooth with a non-greasy feel. Effectively treats: acne, eczema, psoriasis, many skin conditions, scars, lesions, dry hair and scalp, dry skin conditions, mature and prematurely aged skin, burns/sun burns, and the list goes on..

Cranberry Seed Oil

This oil is an essential fatty acid oil and is the only oil available with a 1 to 1 ratio of Omega 6 (linoleic) to Omega 3 (alpha-linolenic) fatty acids. These fatty acids are known to stimulate skin and hair growth, among many other benefits when taken as a supplement. It is high in essential fatty acids and this makes it a superb emollient, lubricant, and conditioner for the skin and hair. It assists in moisture retention. It also has a high concentration of tocopherols, vitamin A, and much more.

Shea Butter (Africa)

This butter is made from the nut of the African Shea tree. African healers have used Shea butter for thousands of years as the ideal treatment for dry and aging skin. Shea butter has a high content of vitamins E,F and non-saponifiable fatty acids that are crucial in rejuvenating and moisturizing the skin, and a powerful moisturizer that helps skin retain elasticity. It provides protection from the damaging effects of the sun while repairing cellular degeneration. Effectively treats: Dry skin, eczema, minor burns, pain relief from inflammatory conditions, wrinkles, blemishes, diaper rash, hair conditioner, sunscreen, and the list goes on...

Sal Butter (Shorea Butter from India)

This butter has been used for centuries in India for its moisturizing and healing properties, where it has been used to protect and condition skin that has been damaged by the sun and wind. It is high in stearic and oleic acids and has a few polyunsaturated fatty acids. It prevents drying of the skin and development of wrinkles. It reduces degeneration of skin cells while restoring skin flexibility. Effectively treats: Dry skin, itchy skin, eczema, dermatitis, sun burns, small skin wounds, damaged skin, frost bite, insect bites, diaper rash, skin allergies, muscle aches, chapped skin, wrinkles and signs of aging, offers low level of UV protection, and the list goes on...

Carrot Seed Oil

This oil is not to be confused with "Carrot Oil", which does not offer the same nutritional value or benefits. Carrot Seed Oil is derived from the seeds, not ground up carrots that have been soaked in some usually cheap vegetable oil. Some manufacturers use Carrot oil in place of Carrot Seed Oil because it is very inexpensive, compared to the highly beneficial but costly oil that is derived from the seeds.

Carrot Seed Oil is rich in Beta Carotene, Vitamins A & E and Pro-Vitamin A. It is a powerful detoxifier and skin rejuvenator. When this oil is applied to the skin, epidermal cells are stimulated, which stimulates growth. This oil will heal dry, chapped, cracked skin and damaged hair. It helps to balance the moisture in our skin and conditions the hair. One of the best oils to rejuvenate and regenerate skin and hair. If you have dermatitis, rashes, boils, eczema, psoriasis, ulcers, or any weeping sores, on your scalp or skin, this oil is well documented for effectively treating these issues. When rubbed into the skin, the oil will relieve muscle pain and increase the production of red blood cells. This oil, when combined with others, helps to stimulate dormant hair follicles so they can return to the Anagen (growing) Stage in the hair growth cycle.

Illipe Butter (from Borneo/ South China Sea)

llipe nuts come from a truly magnificent tree that is native to Southeast Asia and Borneo. The nuts are collected after they fall to the ground, and not before, then they are dried in the sun until brittle enough to be separated from the shells. The indigenous peoples of Borneo have been making butter from the Illipe tree nuts for many centuries for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. Illipe butter is renown for it's incredible moisturizing properties and its ability to restore elasticity to the skin. Effectively treats: Chronically dry skin, rough skin (such as the feet), damaged skin, mature skin, sunburns, healing sores, and the list goes on...

Macadamia Nut Oil (Kenya)

This oil has a high content of pamitoleic acid (a minor monounsaturated fatty acid) making it an effective antioxidant. It also contains Oleic acid, linoleic (omega 6) and linolenic (omega 3) acids. For the skin: It is used for sunburns, irritated skin, small wounds, and to reduce the coloration of scars. For the hair: It is used as a natural moisturizer for the hair and scalp. This oil increases the strength of the hair (improves integrity). Will smooth the hair and help repair damage. Macadamia oil has a unique composition giving it an uncanny similarity and compatibility to sebum, the natural oils that our own scalp produces. This makes it effective in being absorbed fast and penetrating the hair and scalp, restoring health, softness and shine. Shielding the hair from chemicals, and heat damage. Promotes a natural, healthy shine.

Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is prized in Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India. It is used in a daily Ayurvedic self-massage called Abhyanga, as well as Shirodhara. According to this ancient healing technique Sesame oil nourishes and detoxifies the body. It is used for excessive dryness, poor circulation, anxiety, constipation, diaper rash, to tighten facial skin,and so much more. It helps to neutralize the poisons which develop both on the surface of the skin and in the pores. It is naturally antibacterial for common skin pathogens and skin fungi, such as athlete's foot fungus. It is naturally antiviral and anti-inflammatory. It is a potent antioxidant, rich in essential fatty acids. This oil helps to maintain the integrity of the skin tissue while restructuring and

Sunflower Oil (U.S.)

This oil is very light with a non-greasy feel. It is extracted from sunflower seeds. It is rich in the essential fatty acid linoleic (Omega 6), as well as palmitic acid and stearic acid, all of which are needed for healthy skin. The amount of linoleic acid declines with age and can be stripped by harsh soaps and cleansers. Sunflower oil is being used with great success in healing all kinds of illnesses. This oil has many benefits for external and internal use. Healing is eminent when using this oil for various ailments.

Sweet Almond Oil (Spain)

This oil is a great nutrient for softening and conditioning the skin. It's especially good for eczema, itchy, dry and inflamed skin conditions. It is anti-inflammatory. It contains glucosides, high in vitamins (E and F), contains oleic and linoleic essential fatty acids, and minerals. Excellent for baby's skin and massages. Valued as an emollient that heals skin irritations like dryness that is common in the winter months. It is absorbed easily into the skin. Almond oil is friendly to sensitive skin. It's immunity boosting and anti-hepatoxic properties help protect the skin. Great for dry cracked cuticles. There are many wonderful healing benefits in using Almond Oil. 

Safflower Oil (U.S.)

This oil is very high in linoleic acid (Omega 6) and therefore helps to moisturize, nourish and restructure the skin. This oil is soothing to the skin and has antioxidant properties that help treat inflammation. Safflower oil reduces the appearance of wrinkles by softening, smoothing and hydrating the skin. It helps to speed the healing of skin inflammations such as eczema, dry skin conditions, and dry scalp. Using this oil as a deep conditioning treatment for the hair by massaging it into the scalp before shampooing will dilate blood vessels in the scalp, which stimulates circulation of nutrients to the roots and hydrates the hair. This oil has a high content of vitamin E, making it a rich antioxidant food for the skin. It decreases free radical damage that causes premature aging.