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Schedule your Private Consultation

To Schedule your Private Consultation with Trenayce, please send your email request to:

[email protected]

Schedule Your Private Consultation Today! 

My Greatest Desire is for you to create more Peace, Joy, Happiness and Good Health, in your life! I would love to help you Transform Your Life and to create all that you have ever desired. 

If you're ready, then I'm here to help. Send me an email and schedule your "Awakening Consultation" Today. 

You won't regret it!

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*Cost of Consultation is based on type of Consultation requested, please indicate in the email.

If you are not local, then we can schedule a "Spiritual Awakening Consultation", via the Internet or by phone. 

 The Cost is $111.00 for a 60 minute/1 hour Consultation.

*Please let us know what kind of Consultation you would like to schedule, if you are local. The cost will be given to you, upon request. 

You will schedule your appointment directly with Trenayce via email.

Most Consultations can be scheduled by phone (U.S residents only) or Online via Skype/Google Hangouts (for International and also for the U.S.). ***This does not include the Quantum Healing Hypnosis, which MUST be done in person ONLY. 

Please send all requests to [email protected] 

~ Thank You

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"It is time for you to live the life of Greatness

that you were born to live!"

~ Trenayce

Schedule your Private Consultation and take the first step to Reclaim Your Life Today!