Healing Oils

Made from 100% of the Finest Oils on Earth Guaranteed!

This combination of massage oils are some of the finest that can be found in the Natural Healing World. They will leave your skin with a long lasting satiny finish, that is non-greasy. These oils are absorbed by the deep tissue layers of the skin, but not so quickly that they are ineffective as a massage oil. They penetrate and moisturize the skin, while detoxing the body. This combination encourages deep tissue healing and scar removal.

Clinical studies that have been done using wheat germ oil and sesame oil to remove and "inactivate" scar tissue, has been proven to be very effective. It was successful 90% of the time, according to some studies, when used on a daily basis. This process may take months, but if applied several times a day, the body will begin to remove dead tissue layers and replace them with healthy new cells. This blend has a total of 9 healing oils. They are a combination of the best massage oils on the market: Sesame oil, Coconut oil, Kukui oil, Sweet Almond oil, Sunflower oil, Safflower oil, Shea Oil, and Wheat Germ oil. This combination of oils encourages deep tissue healing and detoxing. Scar removal and or reduction is imminent, with daily use.

(For deep wounds and larger scars, we would recommend adding Sage Tea to your daily diet. You can drink several cups of this tea a day, to aid in deep tissue healing and scar removal. Be sure to always drink organic teas, as you do not want to consume pesticides.)

This oil can be used as a daily massage oil, bath oil, hair oil, and can be added to your pet's shampoos to help relieve dry skin and enhance shine and silkiness to the coat.

These are very powerful oils to speed healing and to moisturize the skin.

For a breakdown on the healing benefits of each of these oils, please click on our "Healing Ingredients" link on the left.

How to use:

Use in combination with our Royal Body Butter and Beautiful Skin. Once the body butter has been absorbed into the deep tissue layers, after several days of use, (you can tell this by wetting the skin and noticing a silky feel as if you have just applied the oils), then begin to alternate with the Healing Oils. This will allow you to get the nutritional benefits of all the oils and butters, that can be found in the other products.

If you have extreme dry skin or deep scaring, you may want to use all the products together. Until you find relief, then you can begin to alternate.


One thing to keep in mind is that there is no wrong way to use any of the products. Whatever works best for you. 

Say goodbye to all those chemicals and say Hello to Awaken...Your healing can begin now!

Always test yourself for allergies before using any products

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