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~ The Healing Power of Minerals ~ Part 3

In this class we will continue to look at the role that minerals play in your life. Why you need to replenish your minerals and which ones are the most vital for your good health. What are the signs of deficiency? What happens if you have too much of a certain mineral in your system? These are the topics for our first class in Level 2. This class is the third in a series, that will teach you about the Healing Power of Minerals!

Anyone can join us to learn more about the importance of minerals and how they help to create perfect health!

**Level 1 is not a prerequisite, unless you are interested in our Certificate Program.

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Monday, September 28th @ 7:30pm to 9pm EST

This Upcoming Class is Part 1 of the Series on 

"The Healing Power of Water" 

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