Are you Ready to be a Light Worker? 

  • Are you ready to change your life, and to develop your innate gifts and talents? 
  • Are you ready to make a difference in the world? 
  • Are you ready to be a part of something bigger than yourself?  

If you answered YES, to the above questions, then you may be ready to step onto the path of becoming an Ordained Lightworker with Awaken The Healing Ministries. 

We are here to help you transform your life, mentally, spiritually and physically, to become the 

Spiritual Giant that you were born to be.

Here at Awaken The Healing, we are looking for individuals who want to help us change the world, by realizing that in order to change the world, we must first change ourselves. If you are ready to study and to develop yourself on a deeper level, then we would love to have you join our Light Family of Healers and Teachers.

Below are a few questions and answers to give you more insight into our worldwide movement to raise the vibration of our personal lives, and to help shift the vibration of the world around us. If what you read below interests you, then please let us know. We would love to start working with you, personally, to help you develop your spiritual gifts and to raise your consciousness. We are here to help you become, who you were born to be.

Q: What do I have to do, to become an Ordained Lightworker?

A: We are a teaching Ministry that believes in the upliftment of humanity, through the expansion of consciousness. Knowledge is what expands your consciousness and raises your awareness. So in this case, we ask you to listen to all of the episodes of "Awaken The Healing ~ Reclaim Your Life" and to read the book "Doors of Light" to prepare you for your test. (The podcast is free and the book should be available at your local library. If it is not, then please ask your Librarian to purchase a copy for your local branch)

Q: What happens after I read the book and listen to all the episodes?

A: You will be required to take a 2 part test and ALL of the questions will come from the podcast and the book. The test is extremely easy, if you have studied the book and the podcast to prepare for it.

Q: What will I receive once I have passed the test?

A: You will receive an Ordination. You will be an Ordained Lightworker/Minister with Awaken the Healing Ministries. This will allow you to take part in our private online classes, that will focus on deeper self-development and raising your personal vibration.

Q: Will I be able to Marry people, once I become ordained?

A: YES, you will be an Ordained Minister and you can register your ordination with your local government, to be licensed to facilitate marriages and to do whatever ministers are able to do according to your local laws. 

Q: How will we I receive the test?

A: Once you are ready to take your test, let us know, and the test will be emailed to you. 

Q: Is there any cost involved?

A: Yes, there is a minimal donation required to cover our administrative costs. Currently it is $55.00 to receive your Ordination. We work very hard to provide all your study materials for free. Hence we have created the Podcast as a way for you to have a free and open classroom, where everyone can benefit from the information.

Q: Is there any additional study required after being ordained?

A: After you become a Lightworker, you will be able to participate in free classes online. There will be monthly webinars for all Lightworkers and there will be many things that you can take advantage of. It's always up to you how much you want to participate. 

Q: Will the classes be interactive?

A: Yes, you will be able to participate and ask questions. It will be very interactive.

The World needs you to shine your Light !

I'm Ready to be a Lightworker!

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