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Our Mission Statement

Whereas we, being an incorporate body of teachers of like minded people of various ethnic and cultural backgrounds focus on raising humanity through conscious upliftment and social empowerment.

Therefore, we have adopted the following statement of Fundamental Truths 

1. We Believe in the Ascension of the human family, by a natural process of transformation and transmutation.

2. We Believe in 1 Human Family, regardless of background, ethnicity, race, creed, or by any other form of false separation.

3. We Believe in Unity through a Collective Consciousness that makes us one.

4. We Believe in the empowerment of the human family, through the expansion of consciousness and enlightenment.

5. We Believe that we are Lightworkers, Universal Volunteers that have come to assist the human family in the Ascension process.

6. We Believe that humans have the power to change their lives and to become conscious creators.

7. We Believe that we were born to assist in the transformation process that will eventually lead to the ascension of all Human Beings.