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ISEE Charge Neutralizes the Negative Effects of Electro-Magnetic Frequencies from your battery charged electronics

This device is used to Transmute the negative effects of the EMFs that your cell phone, laptop, notepad, or any other device that has a battery emits. 

ISEE Charge

ISEE Motion for all moving Vehicles

This device is for your vehicle and helps to neutralize the negative effects that your vehicle has on you. Your car, truck, etc can be one of your largest health risks. This unit helps to balance and harmonize the energy within your vehicle. 

ISEE Motion

ISEE Serenity is for the entire Home

The ISEE Home functions to bring your living space as close as possible to a natural, revitalized environment by growing the ISEE Serenity field throughout your electrical system. There is also a much larger secondary field that emanates from the unit that extends well beyond your home. Regain your health and peace of mind as this unit brings your home back into balance. Size: Large Pyramid 

ISEE Serenity

ISEE Vitality is for Raising the Vibration of your Food

This unit is used to Revitalize your food and drinks. You can sit this near your fresh fruits and vegetables or next to your plate. After a few short minutes this unit will change the structure of your foods and drinks to make them more nutritious. 

ISEE Vitality

ISEE Water Unit is for Restructuring the water for the entire home

This unit goes on the water main coming into your home. It will revitalize and heal your water. This energy device changes the vibration of the water in your home. 

ISEE Water